West Virginia Online Casinos

West Virginia is full of wonderful attractions and offers residents and tourists an endless array of activities to enjoy. It is truly a “live and let live” state with excellent recreation opportunities for all ages and skill levels. The city of Morgantown and the state of West Virginia are full of things to do year round, whether you want to go rafting on the river, play a few games of poker at one of the many casinos, or enjoy some mountain hiking and biking. There is something for everyone in the area.


Most major cities in the United States are filled with chain stores, subways, stadiums, airports and other familiar destinations, but nowhere is there a destination quite like West Virginia. The state capital of Charleston is just two hours east of West Virginia city and offers visitors plenty of entertainment options. Today, West Virginia is one of the most popular areas to live and visit. With a vibrant downtown and a vibrant business community, many people choose to raise a family in West Virginia while they work in the big city. A number of colleges and universities are located in the city as well, including West Virginia University and Wheaton College. In fact, if you love to golf, you have no shortage of places to take your game on the links in West Virginia.

In recent years, several new casinos have opened in West Virginia, bringing the number of gambling establishments to the area up to thirty-two. One of the newest is the WV Casino Resort Hotel and Spa, which is located in Belle Isle. This casino is owned by Park Place Properties and will soon be offering guests a chance to step inside the new casino and dine and play all the new slots and table games, all while enjoying fine dining and live music nightly.

Another new casino to open in West Virginia is the WV Gaming Commission’s new casino at Cabellini Park. This casino is located south of West Virginia University in West Virginia and will be offering over forty slot machines, billiards tables, video poker, roulette, craps, keno, roulette, mini-baccarat, and much more. This all new casino will feature award-winning food and beverage service, signature beverages, and service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Each night, guests can enjoy complimentary cocktails and appetizers, late snacks, and light snacks throughout the night. The hotel offers four different restaurants and seven bars to choose from.

Another addition to some casinos in West Virginia is a new bowling alley. The Alton Bowl is located in Beckley. This bowling alley will be offering guests free bowling action nightly, thanks to a generous five hundred grand donation by The Friends of Alton Bowl. The Wheel of Fortune is another attraction in the area as well as the WV gaming centers. Guests can relax and try their luck at the wheel, purchase merchandise, or get lucky playing the bonus Wheel of Fortune.

The top spot for West Virginia online casinos is located in the Washington DC metro area. One of the most popular bonuses offered at these locations is the chance to win one hundred dollars in free spins on the slots or roulette. In addition to receiving this bonus, players may also receive an additional twenty-five percent off their first deposit. Additionally, players may dine at one of the restaurants or bars in the area while they play.

Last but not least, visitors to West Virginia can find the perfect place to play at one of the state’s seven live racetrack facilities. The three major racetrack complexes are located in Richmond, Wheeling, and Fairfield. At these venues you can experience the thrill of the horse races and see how the horses perform in the big races as well. Additionally, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape that is found throughout the racetrack facilities.

No matter where a player chooses to play at in West Virginia, they will be guaranteed to have a great time while playing craps or blackjack. Whether you choose to sit and play craps or roll the dice at one of the West Virginia online casinos, you will be able to take home fun money that you did not have to pay out of pocket. There is no better way to spend a vacation than by taking advantage of the fun that is offered at West Virginia’s top casinos. No matter if you are looking for a casino gaming excursion in the Washington DC metropolitan area, the Wheaton casino, or the Morgantown casino, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition, when you choose to visit West Virginia you will be able to take home a few hundred dollars in winnings, just by playing craps or blackjack.