Complete Lunar Eclipse and Leonid Meteor Bathe

The looks of the Moon throughout the November 2022 complete lunar eclipse. Credit score: NASA Science Heart

The Moon will likely be all crimson, and the Leonid meteors!

The Leonids will battle the complete moon this 12 months, however anybody who sees the Moon on the morning of November eighth will take pleasure in a lunar eclipse.

  • November 8 – Full moon
  • November 8 – Complete lunar eclipse hours earlier than dawn
  • November 11 – The Moon seems straight within the center[{” attribute=””>Mars and bright blue-white star Elnath in the west before sunrise
  • November 20 – In the hour before sunrise, find the crescent Moon above bright star Spica in the southeast
  • November 18 – Look straight overhead for Leonid meteors after midnight. The Moon is about 35% full, and will diminish the fainter meteors.
  • November 23 – New moon
  • November 28 – The crescent Moon hangs beneath

    What about November? A lunar eclipse, the moon and planets, and the Leonid meteors.

    A complete lunar eclipse is underway, offering a little bit celestial magic, on the morning of November eighth. The eclipse will likely be seen to viewers in North America, the Pacific Rim, Australia, and Southeast Asia – wherever the Moon is above the horizon when it occurs. the eclipse.

    The Moon strikes from proper to left, passing by way of the penumbra and umbra, forsaking an eclipse sample and instances in several phases of the ecliptic. The penumbra is the a part of the Earth’s shadow the place the Solar is just partially lined by the Earth. The umbra is the place the Solar is totally hidden. The planet[{” attribute=””>Uranus is about 3 degrees (six Moon widths) north of the Moon during totality. It’s normally a bit too dim to see with the naked eye, but binoculars and small telescopes reveal it as a small, mint-green dot. Credit:
    This animated map exhibits the place the November 8, 2022, lunar eclipse will likely be seen. The stripes mark the sting of the seen area throughout the eclipse. The map is centered at 168°57’W, the longitude of the moon at mid-eclipse. On November 8, 2022, the Moon will enter Earth’s shadow, creating a complete lunar eclipse, the primary since Could. This animation exhibits the area of Earth the place this eclipse will likely be seen. This area turns west throughout an eclipse. Observers close to the sting of the seen area will see solely a part of the eclipse as a result of for them, the Moon will set (to the east or proper) or rise (to the west or left) when the moon is shining. Formed traces point out the sting of the detection zone at contact instances. These are the instances when the Moon enters or leaves the umbra (the a part of the Earth’s shadow that fully hides the Solar) and the penumbra (the half that solely partially blocks the Solar). For observers on a circumpolar line, contact happens at both new moon (west) or moonrise (east). Credit score: NASA Science Heart

    Within the early morning hours of November 11, you may discover the Moon proper between Mars and the intense blue-white star Elnath. Elnath is the second brightest star within the constellation Taurus, after crimson Aldebaran, and is the northern blue horn. You’ll discover that Elnath is about the identical brightness because the star Bellatrix in close by Orion, the place one of many hunter’s shoulders is situated.

    On November 20, an hour earlier than dawn, look southeast to see a faint Moon hanging above the intense blue star Spica. It’s a huge star, 10 instances the mass of our Solar and 12,000 instances brighter. Fortunate for us, it is 260 mild years away from Earth.

    And within the night sky, on November 28, a lovely moon hangs under Saturn within the south behind the solar.

    The Leonid meteor bathe continues all through November. It is going to peak after midnight on the 18th, with about 15 to twenty meteors per hour underneath darkish, gloomy skies.

    On the height night time for the Leonids this 12 months, the Moon will likely be about 35% full, that means it would hamper your skill to see faint meteors.

    The bathe will get its identify from the constellation Leo, the lion, from which its shining meteors seem. Meteors are dusty fragments of particles left by comet Tempel-Tuttle because it orbits the Solar. This comet was seen twice, individually.

    On the height night time for the Leonids this 12 months, the Moon will likely be about 35% full, that means it would hamper your skill to see faint meteors. Nevertheless, Leonid meteors usually have mild durations, with trails (known as trains) lasting for a number of seconds after they journey throughout the sky.

    And when the Moon rises within the east and Leo at midnight within the neighborhood, it’s higher to take a look at the sky from the supply of the meteors, by mendacity again and looking out straight up, due to the meteor trails you see. lengthy and really spectacular.

    Listed here are the sections of the Month for November.

    November 2022 Monthly Session

    Phases of the Moon for November 2022. Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech

    Preserve updated with all of NASA’s missions to discover the photo voltaic system and past at I am Preston Dyches from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and that is what it is all about this month.

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