The well being unit emphasizes the three Cs to fight insect-borne illness.

The Halliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit is urging the public to follow the three C's - when it comes to reducing the risk of contracting Lyme disease from an infected black-legged tick and/or mosquito - cover, clean To do and check up.  Caused by West Nile virus while the worms are active.

Lowering the danger of blacklegs and mosquito bites that may unfold severe illness is so simple as following the three Cs. Cowl, clear and verify up.

Black-legged ticks and mosquitoes, which may unfold Lyme illness and West Nile virus respectively – are categorised as ‘vectors’, that are organisms (usually blood-sucking bugs) that transmit illnesses to people.

Whereas the numbers are at the moment decrease than in earlier years — the well being unit reported 9 human circumstances of Lyme illness as of mid-July, in comparison with a complete of 44 circumstances for 2021 and 30 circumstances for 2020 — that does not imply the danger is low. .

Throughout late summer time and fall, and till situations cool, black-legged ticks and mosquitoes are energetic, that means precautions have to be taken to keep away from an infection.

“There isn’t any good time or cause to be bitten by a mosquito or black-legged tick, particularly in the summertime,” added Bernie Mayer, supervisor of well being safety. No human circumstances have been reported. It has been reported within the area since 2020. “The most effective recommendation is to cowl up, clear up and get checked as much as cut back your threat.”

When outside, use an insect repellent containing DEET on pores and skin and clothes to keep off blacklegs and mosquitoes. If the climate permits, put on protecting clothes outdoors reminiscent of long-sleeved shirts, jackets, lengthy pants, hats, and socks. Gentle-colored clothes is even higher, as mosquitoes are interested in darkish colours and dark-legged ticks are simpler to identify on lighter supplies.

To maintain blacklegs away, hold the grass brief and in the reduction of shrubs and branches in daylight. Black-legged ticks want forest and pure areas to reside, as they will choose tall grass, branches and bushes, after which connect themselves to folks and animals passing by. As soon as hooked up, a tick will feed on the host’s blood. The longer a blacklegged tick is uncovered, the better the danger that whether it is contaminated with Lyme illness, it could possibly unfold it to its host.

Remember to verify garments and pores and skin earlier than going inside.

For mosquitoes, putting in or repairing screens on home windows and doorways will hold them out. Retaining grass and vegetation brief can also be really useful. Elimination of standing water round a property, in addition to cleansing of eaves and blocked bottoms, cut back mosquito breeding.

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