The dinosaur Thyreophoran Jakapil was found in Argentina


Researchers in Argentina have discovered the stays of a small dinosaur, a herbivorous dinosaur and a lizard, suggesting that the group lived in a wider space than beforehand thought.

The dinosaur was a part of the Cretaceous interval, the final interval of dinosaurs, and lived between 97 million and 94 million years in the past.

The dinosaur, named Jakapil kanikuura, belongs to a species referred to as thyreophoran – herbivorous animals, four-legged dinosaurs with bones of their necks and tails, in line with Facundo Riguetti, a paleontologist website on the Félix de Azara Pure Historical past Basis-Maimónides College and Nationwide Council of Scientific and Technological Analysis.

The findings had been revealed this month within the scientific journal Scientific Stories.

“Jakapil is the primary basal thyreophoran of its form present in South America,” mentioned Riguetti, one of many authors of the paper. “Till current years, sightings of thyreophoran within the southern hemisphere had been uncommon.”

Early thyreophorans, referred to as basal thyreophorans, principally lived in North America, Europe, Asia and probably Africa, he mentioned.

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What does a dinosaur appear like?

The stays discovered had been of a subadult Jakapil – not a juvenile, however not fairly an grownup. The workforce examined his bones below a microscope and located that the tissue confirmed lowered development, which doesn’t have an effect on younger folks, Riguetti mentioned.

The dinosaur weighed about the identical as a home cat, about 8 to fifteen kilos, and had lots of of enamel, much like these of Scelidosaurus or ankylosaurs, he mentioned.

Jakapil apparently walked upright, had a beak, and was able to delivering a really highly effective chunk, although not in addition to different dinosaurs comparable to ornithopods or ceratopsians, Riguetti mentioned.

Is it necessary for Jakapil?

That is the primary time a frontal bone or lip is current within the entrance of the decrease jaw. They’re “lowered arms,” ​​lengthy and powerful, he mentioned.

He mentioned that new searches in South America and Africa will result in related discoveries.

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