Star Wars: Duel of the Fates was Colin Trevorrow’s model of Episode IX earlier than the movie turns into The Rise of Skywalkerand this idea artwork reveals simply how completely different his model would have been!

The Rise of Skywalker it was a serious disappointment and a movie that attempted too exhausting to get proper Star Wars franchise after Lucasfilm gave Rian Johnson maybe an excessive amount of inventive freedom The Final Jedi. Attempting to please everybody in the end meant that nobody was significantly joyful, and JJ Abrams ended up making a multitude.

A lot has been stated about what Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow had deliberate for his model of Episode IXa movie to be titled Duel of Fates.

The prevailing opinion on-line is that it might have been a lot better than what Abrams delivered, a sentiment we would agree with based mostly on the plot particulars I outlined lately. Now, although, I’ve pulled over some idea artwork from the film that Occasions how completely different it may have been.

This consists of new Drive powers, a very completely different search for Kylo Ren, and a Drive Ghost second that followers argued ought to have been included in The Rise of Skywalker (as a substitute of a collection of disembodied voices). Duel of Fates it might have been a a lot completely different film and you’ll examine that out for your self by hitting the ‘Subsequent’ button under!

10. Star Destroyer Escape

Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron are seen combating their manner via the Eclipse, a brand new sort of star destroyer, on this thrilling art work. They supposed to knock down an influence shaft that provided uncooked ore to a First Order manufacturing unit under throughout this opening battle, however issues rapidly go badly for our heroes, which is why they’re now on the run.

Rey needed to mix Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber together with her workers to construct her personal Jedi weapon, so she now makes use of a double-bladed lightsaber on this scene. It makes much more sense than her attempting to repair a lightsaber that was break up in half in the course of the occasions of The Final Jedianyway!

Rey, Finn, and Poe deliberate to get their fingers on this star destroyer, giving their fellow rebels a robust new weapon and dealing an enormous blow to the First Order within the course of. Both manner, the Resistance’s plot would ultimately fail.

9. Kylo Ren’s Redemption?


Whereas this was taking place, Kylo Ren was looking for an historic weapon on the opposite facet of the Galaxy that he may use to defeat Rey and his mom’s military. He allegedly found a Sith Holocron and a message from Palpatine telling him to search out Tor Valum, a Sith Grasp and Palpatine’s tutor, throughout an encounter with Luke’s Drive Phantom on Mustafar.

Nonetheless, the Holocron allegedly launched a crimson bolt of Drive, leaving Kylo badly injured and horribly scarred. Why? As a result of he may really feel that inside, he was nonetheless torn between his Gentle and Reward facet.

On this piece, we see the villain being cared for and cared for by a few of the residents of the planet. Shocked by their selflessness and what occurred to that Holocron, Kylo would start to comprehend that redemption may be potential and that there was nonetheless good in him.

8. A common and a princess


of Trevorrow Episode IX The script requires Carrie Fisher’s Normal Leia Organa to spend a good portion of the movie elevating a military and attempting to mobilize folks across the Galaxy to insurgent towards the First Order as soon as and for all.

After Fisher died, it was determined to kill off her character early and provides Poe Dameron and Chewbacca her character’s backstory (for instance, they might have been those chasing Lando Calrissian in an try and persuade him to hitch their trigger relatively than Leia).

The princess and the overall are seen on this piece of idea artwork from the brand new planet Korilev. This might have been the idea of the Resistance, and in each variations of the plot, Leia was to be deeply affected by Kylo Ren’s actions. With that in thoughts, it is easy to see why she appears so down on this image.

7. Preventing the Knights of Ren


Knights of Ren in Duel of Fates Every would have had distinctive names and personalities regardless of being glorified Stormtroopers The Rise of Skywalker. Certainly one of them was even imagined to be revealed as Kylo Ren’s rival, who additionally accessed that Sith Holocron and later tried to assassinate each Rey and Kylo to usher in a brand new period of the Sith.

Nonetheless, a lot of them would nonetheless perish, and on this picture, Chewbacca is seen grabbing one of many knights by the throat. The leaked script states that he would then throw the villain into the air earlier than taking pictures him out of the sky. What a method to go!

There was a draft of the script with the aforementioned feminine Knight showing as a brand new lethal menace and the movie’s fundamental villain, however for essentially the most half they had been cannon fodder. We are able to blame JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson for treating them as unimportant background characters of their films for that, in fact.

6. Kylo Ren’s new helmet


On this film, Kylo Ren didn’t discover the fragments of the earlier masks and didn’t put them again collectively. As an alternative, he would have created a brand new helmet after the Drive lightning that erupted from the Sith Holocron left him horribly scarred (in spite of everything, he destroyed the earlier one in The Final Jedi).

This idea artwork reveals him standing in a room not not like the one Darth Vader was proven in throughout The empire strikes again.

It is a sinister and terrifying masks that is clearly modeled after what Vader as soon as wore, although it additionally appears to take inspiration from Stormtroopers, the Knights of Ren, and the helmets utilized by Mandalore’s warriors. It is tough to find out why Abrams and Terrio selected to carry again the unique, as a brand new model would have been enjoyable to look at.

5. Kylo Ren meets his new grasp


Whereas Trevorrow’s remaining model fully deserted this subplot in favor of the feminine Knight of Ren going rogue, the unique model was going to ship Kylo Ren to the Sith temple on Remnicore (proven right here). There he would come head to head with Tor Valum.

Heading down a darkish path and a brief likelihood at redemption, the Supreme Chief would destroy his “weak” grandfather’s helmet throughout an outbreak on Coruscant. Kylo is later pushed to a “vergence” within the Drive the place he would face Darth Vader after discovering how the Sith can lengthen their lives by draining the Life Drive from different creatures.

Since Valum was characterised as having a “Lovecraftian” look and being over 7000 years previous, his debut was sure to introduce some fascinating new wrinkles to the Galaxy’s previous. Ultimately, the previous Ben Solo could not have bested his grandfather in a cave battle clearly meant to pay homage to him. The empire strikes again.

4. The prisoner of the First Order


The Jedi Temple is situated on Coruscant, and the enduring location was as soon as set to play a big function Duel of Fates. This was to be the headquarters of the First Order and the placement of the movie’s remaining battle, when Finn and Rose impressed the inhabitants of the planet to insurgent towards their captors.

This highly effective piece of artwork depicts Finn as a prisoner of the First Order in a labor camp and reveals how a lot Coruscant has modified through the years. Since Rose was imagined to be the one who saved the heroes right here in later drafts, we’re guessing the plans for Finn modified over time.

Followers criticized the story as essentially the most forgettable for the Resistance hero The Rise of Skywalkerhowever in Trevorrow’s Episode IX, befriended a Stormtrooper and satisfied him and different defectors to hitch the Resistance. From there, Finn would lead an epic revolt.

3. Kylo Ren’s new powers


Kylo Ren would quickly discover ways to drain the life power from everybody round him, regardless of being unable to defeat Darth Vader in a battle. Right here, he demonstrates this by extracting power from a tree, inflicting it to wither and die.

As you may anticipate, Valum would have been disgusted by his new scholar’s lack of ability to defeat Vader and the truth that he was nonetheless torn between his good and evil sides. Demanding Kylo depart his world instantly, the previous villain acquired greater than he bargained for when the chief of the Knights of Ren drained his life essence as nicely.

Within the remaining battle with Rey, Kylo used this energy towards her to realize the higher hand. Nonetheless, Abrams and Terrio would use this concept as the idea for the “Dyad of the Drive”, one thing that allowed Palpatine to make use of his Life Drive to resurrect himself on Exegol.

2. The ultimate battle


This idea artwork depicts the ultimate confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren on Mortis. The duel would have included a number of main revelations, similar to Supreme Chief Snoke being accountable for ordering younger Kylo and his knights to kill his mother and father. Along with his final breath, nevertheless, Kylo would have revealed that her actual title is “Rey Solana”.

Earlier than that occurred, an epic battle would ensue, with Leia stepping in to persuade her son to lastly act honorably after Kylo used the raised life power to restore his scarred face.

This model of the Episode IX it stored Kylo Ren as the principle antagonist of the franchise and gave him solely a small measure of redemption till all was stated and completed. Trevorrow thought that badass girl was the final word baddie, however he was clearly torn between introducing her and specializing in the previous Ben Solo!

1. Acquainted pressure ghosts


Each model of Trevorrow Episode IX would have ended with some well-known characters making their triumphant return as Drive Ghosts. Characters together with Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi had been to look in an try to save lots of Ben, however in the end failed as a result of severity of his accidents.

In the meantime, within the model the place Rey and Kylo teamed up towards that feminine knight, he would have sacrificed himself, with these Drive ghosts available to heal Rey and make sure the younger Jedi would reside on.

Look intently at this piece of artwork, although, and it appears like a variety of different basic Jedi Knights have appeared, together with a quantity from the prequel period. As cool as these voices inside The Rise of Skywalker had been, that is what the followers actually wished, and it is one thing Abrams thought-about earlier than abandoning the concept for no matter purpose.

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