The right way to discover and resolve the puzzle below the Nornir Chest

The Underground Nornir Chest is situated within the kingdom of Afheim in God of Struggle Ragnarok. To get to the underside in Alfheim, gamers should move by way of a number of different areas, together with the Strond, Canyons, and Barrens.

The creators have carried out an incredible job in introducing an replace of the Nornir Chest. These particular bins unfold throughout the 9 kingdoms of God of Struggle Ragnarok provide two uncommon gadgets, the Idunn Apple and the Horn of Blood Mead.

Opening a Nornir Chest will not be simple, nonetheless, as a result of it’s protected by distinctive puzzles, the place Kratos must gentle some hidden torches or a window, It’s hidden someplace close to the Nornir Chest, or ring a set of three bells inside. the scheduled time.

Whereas some Nornir chests are simple to identify, others are hidden in secret rooms or locked behind doorways. Some are additionally protected by environmental limitations.


The Decrease Nornir Chest is affected by the latter. This explicit Nornir Chest will not be simple to identify. Due to this fact, this information walks gamers on how one can attain the Decrease Nornir Chest within the kingdom of Alfheim of the God of Struggle Ragnarok, and how one can resolve the puzzle to guard the chest:

The Lova Nornir Chest location information and puzzle resolution in God of Struggle Ragnarok

Observe the purple horseshoe signal to succeed in the placement of the lone Nornir Chest under (Picture through Santa Monica Studio)Use the zipline to cross over to the Nornir Chest location (Picture through Santa Monica Studio)Location of the third ring sealed within the cave (Picture through Santa Monica Studio)

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