Dinosaurs: Scientists uncover how sauropods supported their weight

In all its ’90s CGI glory, the primary “Jurassic Park” film featured a area of wandering sauropods — these giraffe-like dinosaurs — and the movie’s well-known theme music hovering. .

The second captured the creativeness of viewers, however new proof means that Steven Spielberg received one thing unsuitable – particularly, the legs of sauropods.

In a digital reconstruction examine, led by scientists from the College of Queensland and Monash College, 3D modeling was used to check the perform of the leg bones of various sauropods. Their analysis requested a easy query: How robust have been dinosaurs’ legs to assist their weight?

The findings recommend that the sauropod hind legs had a comfortable tissue pad underneath the heel, which cushioned the foot to bear heavy weight. In keeping with the researchers, this contradicts the concept that sauropods had the identical ft as fashionable elephants.

“Well-liked tradition – suppose Jurassic Park or Strolling with Dinosaurs – usually portrays these behemoths with almost-cylindrical, thick, elephant-like legs,” mentioned Dr Olga Panagiotopoulou, one of many examine’s researchers, mentioned in a press launch.

“However in the case of skeletal construction, elephants have ‘tip-toes’ on all 4 legs, whereas sauropods have completely different leg configurations in back and front,” mentioned Panagiotopoulou. “Sauropod forelimbs are related in look, with bigger ‘excessive heels’ on the again supported by a big comfortable tissue pad.”

Dr. Andréas Jannel, one of many analysis leaders, mentioned within the publication that the anatomy of sauropods is now utterly completely different.

“Now we have lastly confirmed a speculation that has lengthy been suspected, and for the primary time, we current biotechnological proof that the comfortable tissue layer – significantly of their hind legs – performs an essential position to scale back strolling pressures and bone stresses,” Jannel. mentioned.

“It is superb to suppose that these big creatures can assist their weight on land.”

In keeping with Britannica, the sauropods, which roamed the earth greater than 100 million years in the past, “have been marked by their measurement, lengthy neck and tail, and 4 legs. strolling, and consuming a number of meals”.

These reptiles have been the most important of all dinosaurs and the most important land animals to have ever lived.

The creatures have been initially water-based and the pressure of the water supported the big weight, however this concept was finally disproved by the invention of sauropod tracks in deposits at mid twentieth century.

The researchers now plan to make use of 3D modeling strategies to uncover extra details about the bodily buildings of the extinct organisms.

“I need to use the same approach on a complete limb and embrace different comfortable tissues like muscular tissues, that are not often handled in surgical procedure,” Jannel mentioned.

“We’re additionally excited to review the limbs and ft of different prehistoric animals.”

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