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By Dr. Jagannath Dixit

The abdomen is a muscular J-shaped sac-like construction, which primarily serves as a reservoir for meals, positioned within the higher and left a part of the stomach and is a vital a part of the gastrointestinal digestive system. It produces enzymes (substances that trigger chemical reactions) and acids (digestive juices). This mixture of enzymes and digestive juices breaks down meals so it may well move to our small gut (duodenum).

Abdomen most cancers, also called gastric most cancers, can happen anyplace, in any a part of the abdomen (fundus, physique, also called the proximal abdomen and antrum and pylorus, also called the distal a part of the abdomen). ) – the place the irregular development of malignant cells turns into invasive. Abdomen and adjoining and distant organs like liver lung, peritoneum and bone and so on.

Signs of Abdomen Most cancers

Signs of abdomen most cancers embody:
• Problem swallowing
Feeling full or bloated even after consuming a small quantity of meals
• Heartburn or heartburn
• Nausea and vomiting with indigestion
• Extreme stomach ache
• Unintentional weight reduction

Causes of Abdomen Most cancers

There is no such thing as a particular reason for abdomen most cancers. Nonetheless, danger elements that may set off the illness embody:
• Continual Gastroesophageal Reflux Illness
• Chubby
• Consuming a low fiber eating regimen
Poor consuming habits like consuming an excessive amount of salt, deep fries
• Household historical past
• An infection with Helicobacter pylori
• Continual gastritis
• smoking
• Stomach polyps


Gastric most cancers is recognized by working quite a lot of checks, together with blood checks, and imaging checks comparable to endoscopic ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, biopsy, or diagnostic laparoscopy.


Surgical procedure varieties the primary line of protection towards gastric most cancers (in early phases). Up to now decade, surgical methods for the remedy of abdomen most cancers have grown exponentially, requiring the distinctive experience of surgical oncologists (gastrointestinal surgeons) to offer vital aid for sufferers present process gastric most cancers remedy. Is. Over the previous decade or so, surgical remedy of gastric most cancers has seen unprecedented medical advances, with the arrival of minimally invasive procedures comparable to robotic, laparoscopic procedures that guarantee fast restoration.

What’s Gastrectomy?

A gastrectomy is outlined as the entire or partial removing of the abdomen to deal with numerous medical situations, significantly most cancers.

There are 4 sorts of gastrectomy – complete gastrectomy, subtotal gastrectomy, distal gastrectomy prolonged complete gastrectomy (removing of the distal meals pipe) and proximal gastrectomy.

Benefits of a minimally invasive robotic, laparoscopic gastrectomy process

open surgical procedure, laparoscopy, or robotic surgical procedure; The ideas embody the identical – removing of most cancers and surrounding constructions (in case of metastases) with out compromising remedy. Minimally invasive surgical procedures present higher outcomes than open surgical procedure in sufferers present process gastrectomy for the remedy of gastric most cancers. Extensively educated gastrointestinal surgeons undertake both robotic or laparoscopic surgical procedures to make sure a fast, protected and viable various to conservative open surgical procedure.

A number of the advantages of minimally invasive procedures are:

• Discount in postoperative ache
• Shorter hospital keep and sooner restoration
• Minimal scarring
• Much less stress on the immune system
• Small incisions
• Much less likelihood of an infection and hernia formation.

How is laparoscopic gastrectomy carried out?

Laparoscopic gastrectomy is a broadly really useful and adopted minimally invasive surgical process to take away most cancers cells, even in regionally superior phases of gastric most cancers.

Through the process, surgeons make a number of small incisions (keyholes). Surgical devices are despatched in to entry and take away the diseased space. The goal of this surgical procedure is to take away the most cancers cells, it might take somewhat longer than open gastrectomy however the affected person will get better sooner as a result of lack of blood and ache. It has a 2D imaginative and prescient and the ergonomics of the machine is tough as a result of straight machine.

The affected person will be capable of resume common duties and eat usually inside per week or so.

How is robotic gastrectomy carried out?

A robotic-assisted gastrectomy is carried out by making a small incision (keyhole) 8 to 12 mm above the stomach button and three different small incisions within the higher a part of the stomach for supporting devices. The surgeon sits at a console in the course of the process, directing the robotic arms to carry out the operation. These robotic arms perform like human palms with absolute, exact dexterity, finger movement, and wrist motion (with digital interactions carried out by the surgeon’s hand actions transmitted by the machine). Even whereas performing surgical procedure, the surgeon can see a big, high-definition 3D view of the organ, enabling the surgeon to carry out procedures comparable to dissection, bowel ligation and stapling.

The advantages of Robotic Gastrectomy are many. It’s usually prescribed for resection of gastrointestinal stromal tumors, gastric adenocarcinoma, and even rarer types of carcinoid or neuroendocrine tumors.

This process is much less painful than conventional open gastrectomy. Different advantages embody:

• Much less anemia and fewer transfusion
• Low danger of an infection
• Early begin of feed
• Fast return to regular

Since its inception, robotic surgical procedures have been broadly carried out in hundreds of procedures worldwide. These methods have gained widespread recognition resulting from their optimistic results on affected person restoration, fewer problems, and shorter hospital stays. If we focus particularly on most cancers, these surgical procedures are broadly used within the remedy of abdomen most cancers. To be taught extra about the advantages of robotic surgical procedure for gastric most cancers care, you may seek the advice of an oncologist for additional steering.

Dr. Jagannath Dixit, Surgical Oncologist, HCG Most cancers Centre, Bengaluru

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